Pet Placemats (Product Shipped with CD)

Pet Placemats (Product Shipped with CD)
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Pet Placemats (Product Shipped with CD)

Treat your pet like they deserve, as royalty, by making them a placemat for their dining pleasure. Includes six embroidery designs.

Four Craf-Tex Double sided fusible placemats by Bosal are included with the collection to get the project started.





Suggested Retail: $34.00


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Pet Placemats (Product Shipped with CD) Compatibility Guide

Select your machine, model number and available hoop below to check compatiblity with this pattern.

  • Bone Apetit
  • Doggy Diner
  • Kitty Cafe
  • Meow Chow
  • Top Cat
  • Top Dog

Pet Placemats (Product Shipped with CD) Minimum Stitch Field Dimensions

Design Stitch Field (W x H) Inches Stitch Field (W x H) mm
Bone Apetit 2.57 X 7.31 65.278 X 185.674
Doggy Diner 2.43 X 6.92 61.722 X 175.768
Kitty Cafe 1.63 X 6.40 41.402 X 162.560
Meow Chow 1.88 X 8.61 47.752 X 218.694
Top Cat 1.73 X 8.37 43.942 X 212.598
Top Dog 1.64 X 8.45 41.656 X 214.630