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Everything Baby! Embroidery Pattern CD

Everyone loves a baby. The quilt can be personalized with the"It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl" embroidered design blocks.

This pattern collection contains seven Baby embroidery machine appliqué designs. The quilt  finishes at 36“ x 50”.

Try the embroidery designs on a Baby Bag. The Pocket Parade pattern is is a great choice and is available from Quilts Illustrated

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  • Note: The swirl in the center of the rattle is not a part of the embroidery design. It is a part of the finished quilting.

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Everything Baby! Embroidery Pattern CD Compatibility Guide

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  • Baby Blocks
  • Baby Bottle
  • Diaper Pin
  • Duck
  • Feet
  • It's a Boy
  • It's a Girl
  • Lamb
  • Rattle

Everything Baby! Embroidery Pattern CD Minimum Stitch Field Dimensions

Design Stitch Field (W x H) Inches Stitch Field (W x H) mm
Baby Blocks 3.09 X 9.35 78.486 X 237.490
Baby Bottle 2.17 X 7.99 55.118 X 202.946
Diaper Pin 2.39 X 2.40 60.706 X 60.960
Duck 4.06 X 4.94 103.124 X 125.476
Feet 4.82 X 4.90 122.428 X 124.460
It's a Boy 3.36 X 3.68 85.344 X 93.472
It's a Girl 3.34 X 3.68 84.836 X 93.472
Lamb 4.37 X 5.10 110.998 X 129.540
Rattle 3.09 X 7.67 78.486 X 194.818