About Trout Embroidery (Product Shipped with CD)

About Trout Embroidery (Product Shipped with CD)
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About Trout Embroidery (Product Shipped with CD)

You will be hooked on this unique pattern. This trout fishing themed pattern contains five trout embroidery machine appliqués separated into five parts each and five trout fly designs.

Two quilt patterns are included to make a 30” x 50” wall hanging or a 57” x 76” quilt.

Suggested Retail: $49.99


Corrections & Updates

  • Pattern Corrections
  • Revised Adams Fly Embroidery Pattern with modified hackle stitch down
  • Important Note: Some newer embroidery sewing machines need to have the automatic jump stitch cutting feature turned off to properly stitch the hackle on the flies. Consult your machine manual for instructions.

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About Trout Embroidery (Product Shipped with CD) Compatibility Guide

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  • Flies
  • Part Five (Tail)
  • Part Four (Rear)
  • Part One (Head)
  • Part Three (Dorsal)
  • Part Two (Gills)

About Trout Embroidery (Product Shipped with CD) Minimum Stitch Field Dimensions

Design Stitch Field (W x H) Inches Stitch Field (W x H) mm
Flies 2.02 X 2.55 51.308 X 64.770
Part Five (Tail) 4.78 X 7.33 121.412 X 186.182
Part Four (Rear) 5.52 X 6.85 140.208 X 173.990
Part One (Head) 4.19 X 4.48 106.426 X 113.792
Part Three (Dorsal) 5.53 X 9.92 140.462 X 251.968
Part Two (Gills) 5.53 X 6.10 140.462 X 154.940