Hanging with the Holidays (Product Shipped with CD)

Hanging with the Holidays (Product Shipped with CD)
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Hanging with the Holidays (Product Shipped with CD)

Stitch up one or both cheerful holiday wall hangings.

Decorate for fall with the Witch’s Hat embroidered with fun Halloween expressions. Add a spider and some spooky bats.

The Christmas tree is embroidered with holiday sentiments and appliqued ornaments. Pattern includes twenty-three embroidery designs for embroidery machines and complete assembly instructions.

Each wall hanging is 31” x 40” Pattern includes redemption code and CD

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Suggested Retail: $49.99


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Hanging with the Holidays (Product Shipped with CD) Compatibility Guide

Select your machine, model number and available hoop below to check compatiblity with this pattern.

  • 3 Bats
  • Bat (Large)
  • Bat (Medium)
  • Bat (Small)
  • Ornament 1
  • Ornament 2
  • Ornament 3
  • Spider
  • Text

Hanging with the Holidays (Product Shipped with CD) Minimum Stitch Field Dimensions

Design Stitch Field (W x H) Inches Stitch Field (W x H) mm
3 Bats 6.30 X 12.00 160.020 X 304.800
Bat (Large) 3.50 X 6.50 88.900 X 165.100
Bat (Medium) 5.50 X 3.80 139.700 X 96.520
Bat (Small) 5.50 X 2.30 139.700 X 58.420
Ornament 1 3.00 X 3.80 76.200 X 96.520
Ornament 2 3.00 X 4.80 76.200 X 121.920
Ornament 3 3.00 X 6.30 76.200 X 160.020
Spider 2.50 X 3.00 63.500 X 76.200
Text 2.50 X 10.00 63.500 X 254.000