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Posted by msteveson on Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Our newest products are now being delivered through our Digital Delivery process.

You will still be able to purchase our patterns and embroidery designs directly from your local shop or your local distributor. After all your local shop is a great resource for knowledge on how to use your embroidery sewing machine and to purchase the many products necessary to complete your project. You will not be able to purchase these patterns online for downloading.

Each package contains a redemption card with your redemption code as shown in the image below. You will then use an internet connected computer to login and download your embroidery designs.

Digital Delivery Redemption Card

After you download the app you will then install it to your computer. This app will let you view embroidery deigns, copy them to a USB or CD-ROM in quick easy steps to get you sewing as quickly as possible.

The advantage of this type of delivery are many and include:

  • Updates or corrections will be available to you immediately
  • Use your own USB that the manufacturer recommends for your embroidery machine
  • You cannot lose your designs as you might with USB or CD, because you can just download the product again from our website
  • Use the app that comes with your download to easily copy your designs to your USB or backup device
If you need help during this process you can submit a help request form by using this link.

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