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USB Drives

Posted by msteveson on Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Our newest patterns have USB drives instead of the older CD-ROM technology. These USB drives are media storage devices. The USB drives will work directly in most brands and models of embroidery sewing machines. Due to the wide variety of the age of technologies and embroidery software and hardware operating systems they are not guaranteed to work directly in every embroidery machine. If the USB drive does not work directly in your embroidery sewing machine you should transfer the designs using the manufacturers recommended equipment and procedures.

We strongly recommend that you make a backup copy of the contents of your USB drive. We have made it convenient for you to do so. Simply plug the USB drive into your computer and drag the file DRAG THIS FILE TO DESKTOP FOR Then if something gets accidentally deleted when you are using it in your embroidery machine or the USB gets damaged you can navigate to the damaged file in the .zip folder and simply expand it back onto the USB.

If for some reason your USB drive is damaged or does not work properly in your computer, please contact us using the Help Request form. We have had a limited number of drives fail. Most have failed from being improperly ejected or shut down while in the computer. Please remember to eject the drive from the slot prior to removing it so that any open files can be closed before removing it from the computer.

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