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We proof read all of the patterns and stitch out all of the embroidery designs on multiple manufacturers embroidery sewing machines in the formats that they require. However, we are mere humans and mistakes do happen. We apologize for any inconvenience that these mistakes may cause and thank you for your understanding. Although we strive for perfection, sometimes we miss the mark.

When made aware of a mistake we immediately correct the problem on all future products sent out. For the small number of you who may have a product with these errors, please download the corrections and the revised embroidery design.

Should you find an error that is not in listed in the corrections, please email us concerning the problem. If you are having difficulty understanding a particular set of instructions check our Tips & Techniques area as it may provide you the answer. If you are still having trouble please contact us using the Help! page.

Corrections are available for the following products and may be downloaded after submitting the registration form found below.

Retro Campers Correction Image

Retro Campers

Love Letters Correction Image

Love Letters

Autumn Wind

Boots & Bandanas

Scoop it Up!

About Trout


Recipe Towels

Chocolate Recipe Towels

Corrections More Chocolate

More Chocolate Recipes


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