Redemption Code Support

If you are experiencing an issue other than with the Digital Delivery System or a Redemption Code, please use our standard Help Support Form.

We are very sorry that you are having problems using our Digital Delivery System or Redeeming your product. The number one issue our customers are experiencing in downloading the product is not understanding where the downloaded files are located. So they keep downloading the product and the maximum number of downloads is exceeded. You can find the downloaded files location in any browser by simply holding down the "ctrl" and the "j" key on your keyboard simultaneously with your browser open. This will work in all windows browsers.

If you are having problems or need more specific instructions please watch our Video Tutorial

The more information you can provide regarding the nature of the problem the quicker we will be able to provide you with a solution. We are unable to provide any technical support over the phone. By filling out the form it allows you to gather the information required in order for our technical staff to fully understand the problem and start working on a solution. We will contact you via email if we require further information regarding your issue.

First and Last Name*:
Email* :
Confirm email*:
Retailer purchased from:
Redemption Code*:
Your redemption code is the 14 or 18 digit code shown on the redemption card that came inside your product packaging.
Have you exceeded maximum number of downloads*:
Computer Operating System*:
Description of Problem*:
Security code:


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